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In my “day job” I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.  I lead a research lab in software engineering.  Mostly, we study the concept assignment problem.  You can read details at my professional page and my google profile.

I am writing this blog to clear up many questions I receive about university research, applying to graduate school, and academia in general.  I will try to tell you about the problems I encounter and see others encounter.  For graduate students (and prospective students), I hope to give you some useful hints and tricks I have discovered.

If you want to contact me, post a comment!  Or email me: cmc [at] nd [dotedu]


Since 2010 I have been very happily married:


In my time off, my favorite hobby is aviation.  I completed my Private Pilot Certificate in July 2012 under the skillful guidance of Shaun Stewart at the Williamsburg Flight Center in Virginia.  But I was introduced to flying by a good friend a long time ago:



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